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Get your hands on some of the best quality Magic: the Gathering custom Proxy cards. Mock your opponents and their boring cards with these glorious alters.

These are fantastic for casual games of MTG Commander/EDH, Brawl and Tiny Leader or even Legacy, Modern, Pioneer and Standard.

Why buy from us?
We only use Photoshop to create the best looking cards and not some free app that exports low-resolution, poor looking images like most other sellers.
These are Orica cards. What does that mean? They are original creation cards.
You can bridge shuffle our cards as well! The cards have the same feel and consistency of MTG cards. They are made with German black core cardstock and once sleeved they are 100% indistinguishable from the real cardstock. So you can play them with 0 issues!

These are NOT TOURNAMENT LEGAL but great for casual play. You may be permitted to use these in a proxy tournament, as always this would be at the mercy of your LGS owner or judge.
You will receive the item pictured in this listing.

PLEASE NOTICE: These cards use a custom made mana symbol. Any images/names/text/mana symbols/set symbols that are licensed or trademarked by WotC will NOT be used. Please do not ask.
We are not affiliated with Wizards of the Coast, we are just big fans. These cards are meant for stand-ins to protect your real cards and provide a fun artistic alternative for casual games. Support your local game store and WotC, go buy some sealed product!

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